Lucia Caspani

dsc00145.jpgLucia Caspani received her Master Degree in Physics in July 2006 (full marks and honors) from Insubria University (Como, Italy), defending a theoretical thesis titled “Imaging techniques with quantum correlated optical beams”, under the supervision of Prof. L. Lugiato and Dr. A. Gatti. The thesis was awarded with the "2006 Galluzzi's award for Physics" from University of Rome “Roma Tre” for the best master thesis in Physics.  

In March 2010 she defended the Ph.D. thesis, titled “Spatiotemporal structure of entanglement in Parametric Down Conversion”, investigating the non separable structure in space and time of biphoton amplitude in second order nonlinear media. This work was carried out in the framework of the European project HIDEAS (High Dimensional Entangled Systems), involving ten top-level international research groups in the study of properties of entanglement. Her PhD thesis has been selected for publication by the Insubria University Press as best PhD thesis in Physics in 2010.  

She has been a Post-Doctoral fellow at Insubria University till December 2010. During this fellowship she worked on the modeling and characterization of an experimental scheme able to disclose the non-separable structure of entanglement in the parametric down conversion process. This work was carried out in close collaboration with the experimental group led by Prof. P. Di Trapani at Insubria University.  

Since April 2011 Dr. Caspani is a Post-Doctoral fellow at INRS-EMT in Roberto Morandotti's group (UOP) and she was awarded with a one-year post-doctoral fellowship from the Government of Canada.  

She is carrying out research activities mainly related to the generation of nonclassical states of light in high-index doped silica glass integrated structures.




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