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Matteo Clerici received its Master degree in Physics in July 2006 (full marks and honors) from Insubria University (Como, Italy), defending an experimental thesis titled “Observation of X-Shaped spatio-temporal coherence in optical fields”. The Master research program was developed under the supervision of Prof. D. Faccio, Dr. O. Jedrkiewicz and Prof. P. Di Trapani and exploiting a Marie Curie ITN Training fellowship (Atlas) for 6 months (June-November 2007) at the Department of Quantum Electronics (Vilnius, Lithuania). In February 2010 he successfully defended the Ph.D. thesis, titled “Ultrashort laser pulse spatio-temporal shaping and novel propagation properties," developed in the Prof. Di Trapani's group and in collaboration with Prof. V. Degiorgio, at the University of Pavia, Italy. During the Ph.D. studies he participated to several research campaigns at ICFO (Castelldefels, Spain), VULRC (Vilnius, Lithuania), Vilnius University (Vilnius, Lithuania), IELS FORTH (Heraklion, Crete) and participated to two LASERLAB-Europe research projects. He has been a Post-Doctoral fellow for CNISM (Italy) till July 2010. During this fellowship he worked on extreme phase-matching by means of conical waves in the HHG process, in collaboration with Prof. J. Biegert group, at ICFO, with the scientific supervision of Prof. D. Faccio and Prof. P. Di Trapani.Matteo Clerici is currently a Post-Doctoral fellow at INRS-EMT in Roberto Morandotti's group (UOP), conducing research activities on high-energy nonlinear phenomena (Terahertz generation from laser induced ionization in air, Terahertz broadband detection and bulk second- and third-order nonlinear effects). Matteo Clerici received the PEEE FQRNT fellowship for the 2011-2012 and the Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowship in collaboration with Prof. D. Faccio at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh) for the 2012-2015.


Honors and Awards
1.  2012-2015 Marie-Curie International Outgoing Fellowship ~ Can$ 310k.
2.  2011-2012 MELS Postdoctoral fellowship (V2) (1st rank), FQRNT ~ Can$ 35k.
3.  2009-2010 Assegno di ricerca (Research award) ~ Can$ 38k.
4.  2006-2009 PhD fellowship ~ Can$ 72k.
5. 2008 Outstanding students scholarship ~ Can$ 1.4k.
6.  2007 Outstanding students scholarship ~ Can$ 3k.
7.  2007 Marie Curie ITN (International Training Network), ATLAS ~ Can$ 9k.
8. 2006 Research fellowship ~ Can$ 9.5k.
9.  2001-2002 Bachelor scholarship ~ Can$ 1.9k.
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