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Christian Reimer started his studies in physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany in October 2006. In May 2010 he graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (Scotland) with a Master of Physics in Optoelectronics and Laser (First Class Honors), defending a thesis on single photon detection and quantum optics, supervised by Prof. Gerald Buller and in collaboration with Prof. Miles Padgett (Glasgow University). He then did an internship at the research unit of Draeger Inc. in Germany, where he worked on the remote sensing of gases using mid-infrared spectroscopy. Christian returned to KIT and graduated in May 2012 with his second graduate degree (German Diplom in Physics, equivalent to a Master of Science). For his second research thesis, he participated in a one-year long research visit at the University of St Andrews (Scotland, Prof. Thomas F. Krauss) and the University of Sydney (Australia, Prof. Benjamin Eggleton), where he specialized on the design, fabrication and characterization of mid-infrared photonic crystals in silicon. During his research project Christian achieved the first demonstration of mid-infrared photonic crystal waveguides in silicon.
In September 2012, Christian joined INRS-EMT as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Morandotti, where he is investigating integrated photonic devices for nonlinear and quantum optical applications. He conducts his PhD on a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship with his research project titled: “Investigation of a novel source for entangled quantum states of light and all-optical integrated quantum computation and cryptography”.
Honors and Awards
10. 2014 Full Scholarship awarded by the Italian Physical Society to participate in the "Frontiers in Modern Optics" Summer School as part of the “International School of Physics: Enrico Fermi" in Varenna, Italy, 2014. CAD$ 1.300.
9. 2013 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, ranked 5th in Canada. CAD$ 150.000.
8.  2013 Best Student Presentation Award, Photonics North, Ottawa. CAD$ 200.
7.  2013 Winner of the Poster Competition at the 5th JSPS International Conference and Schooling on Si Photonics, Tokyo, Japan. 
6.  2012 Travel Grant to Japan awarded by the “Japan Society for the Promotion of  Science” (JSPS) within the Core-to-Core Program. CAD$ 1.500.
5.  2011 Funding provided by the CUDOS Australian Research Council Center of  Excellence for a research visit at the University of Sydney. CAD$ 5.200.
4.  2011 Vocational Scholarship by the University of St Andrews (Scotland), for a one  year long research project as a Visiting Researcher. CAD$ 14.500.
3.  2011 Travel Grant to Japan awarded by the “Japan Society for the Promotion of  Science” (JSPS) within the Core-to-Core Program. CAD$ 1.500.
2.  2009 Tuition Fees Exemption provided by the “Students Awards Agency for  Scotland” (SAAS) for a Master Degree in Edinburgh. CAD$ 14.500.
1.  2009 Travel Grant provided by the “German Academic Exchange Service” (DAAD)  for a Master Degree in Scotland. CAD$ 1.300.