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Yi Hu started the PhD study from September, 2006 under the supervision of Prof. Zhigang Chen and Prof. Jingjun Xu, and received his PhD (including Master degree) in Nankai University, China, in June, 2011. In his research as a doctor student, he mainly focused on experimental and numerical investigations of the linear and nonlinear beam dynamics in bulk medium and photonic structures, aiming to control light energy flows for many applications, such as particle manipulation, communication, image transmission, etc. During his PhD study, he was funded by the “Foundation for an Excellent Doctoral Dissertation” award and he was awarded the “Excellent Doctoral Dissertation” in Nankai University 2011 for his PhD research. In this period, he also went to San Francisco State University to carry on some collaboration researches.

After graduating as a PhD, he joined Prof. Morandotti’s group as a post-doctoral fellow in July, 2011. His research interests involve beam dynamics of ultra-short and ultra-intense laser light, pulse shaping, nonlinear fiber optics, magneto-optics and THz generation. Yi Hu currently mainly focuses on the generation, control and application of self-accelerating beams/pulses. He received the PEEE FQRNT fellowship in Canada for the 2012-2013.



Honors and Awards
1. PEEE FQRNT fellowship in Canada for the 2012-2013.
2. “Linear and nonlinear circular nonparaxial accelerating beams” presented in OSA 96th Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics has been awarded    as  Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper (November 2012)
3. “Excellent Doctoral dissertation” in Nankai University.
4. Nankai University Foundation for the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.
5. Outstanding Achievements of Chinese Optics 2009.
6. First class scholarship of excellence for 2009 academic year in Nankai University
7. Top class scholarship for 2010 academic year in Nankai University.
8. The excellent graduate student of Nankai University in 2011.



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