On-Chip, Single-Shot Characterization of GHz-Rate Complex Optical Signals
Research Area: Ultra-Wideband Microwave Signal Generation and Processing Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article  
  • Hamed Pishvai Bazargani
  • Jean-Baptiste Quélène
  • Patrick Dumais
  • Antonio Malacarne
  • Matteo Clerici
  • Roberto Morandotti
  • Claire L. Callender
  • José Azaña
Journal: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters Volume: 26
Number: 23 Pages: 2345-2348
Month: December
Phase reconstruction based on optical ultrafast differentiation is implemented using an integrated-waveguide Mach–Zehnder interferometer to demonstrate self-referenced phase characterization of gigahertz-rate complex modulated signals (e.g., quadrature phase shift keying and amplitude phase shift keying modulation formats), through a single-shot and real-time technique. This method is transparent to both modulation format and bit rate, limited only by the bandwidth capabilities of the temporal intensity measurement instrumentation.
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