Collapse Arrest in Instantaneous Kerr Media via Parametric Interactions
Research Area: Solitons in Continuos and Discrete Systems Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article  
  • Alessia Pasquazi
  • Marco Peccianti
  • Matteo Clerici
  • Claudio Conti
  • Roberto Morandotti
Journal: Physical Review Letters Volume: 113
Number: 13 Pages: 133901
Month: September
We demonstrate, theoretically and experimentally, that a four-wave mixing parametric interaction is able to arrest the collapse of a two-dimensional multicolor beam in an instantaneous Kerr medium. We consider two weak idlers interacting via a third order nonlinearity with two pump beams and we show that a class of collapse-free quasisolitary solutions can be experimentally observed in a normal dispersion Kerr glass. This observation is sustained by rigorous theoretical analysis demonstrating the stability of the observed self-trapped beams.
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