Skirting terahertz waves in a photo-excited nanoslit structure
Research Area: THz Linear and Nonlinear Phenomena Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article  
  • M. Shalaby
  • J. Fabianska
  • M. Peccianti
  • Y. Ozturk
  • F. Vidal
  • H. Sigg
  • R. Morandotti
  • T. Feurer
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 104
Pages: 171115
Month: March
Terahertz fields can be dramatically enhanced as they propagate through nanometer-sized slits. The enhancement is mediated by a significant accumulation of the induced surface charges on the surrounding metal. This enhancement is shown here to be dynamically modulated while the nanoslits are gradually shunted using a copropagating optical beam. The terahertz fields are found to skirt the nanoscale photo-excited region underneath the slits, scattering to the far field and rigorously mapping the near field.
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