Integrated frequency comb source of heralded single photons
Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article  
  • C. Reimer
  • L. Caspani
  • M. Clerici
  • M. Ferrera
  • M. Kues
  • M. Peccianti
  • A. Pasquazi
  • L. Razzari
  • B. E. Little
  • S. T. Chu
  • D. J. Moss
  • R. Morandotti
Journal: Optics Express Volume: 22
Number: 6 Pages: 6535-6546
Month: March
We report an integrated photon pair source based on a CMOS-compatible microring resonator that generates multiple, simultaneous, and independent photon pairs at different wavelengths in a frequency comb compatible with fiber communication wavelength division multiplexing channels (200 GHz channel separation) and with a linewidth that is compatible with quantum memories (110 MHz). It operates in a self-locked pump configuration, avoiding the need for active stabilization, making it extremely robust even at very low power levels.
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