Excitation of multiple trapped-eigenmodes in terahertz metamolecule lattices
Research Area: THz Linear and Nonlinear Phenomena Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article  
  • N. Born
  • I. Al-Naib
  • C. Jansen
  • T. Ozaki
  • R. Morandotti
  • M. Koch
Journal: Applied Physics Letters Volume: 104
Pages: 101107
Month: March
We report on the excitation of sharp Fano-like resonances in lattices of metamolecules composed of two differing types of metaatoms. The proposed structures exhibit modes originating from the individual metaatoms as well as a very sharp mode from the collective excitation of the metamolecule lattice as a whole. Next-generation thin film sensors (e.g., for bio/chemical hazard detectors) could especially benefit from such artificial materials. Having multiple modes at different spectral positions enables the characterization of dispersive materials, while the high Q-factors of the eigenmodes lead to a very high sensitivity.
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