Multipath multicomponent self-accelerating beams through spectrum-engineered position mapping
Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article  
  • Yi Hu
  • Domenico Bongiovanni
  • Zhigang Chen
  • Roberto Morandotti
Journal: Physical Review A Volume: 88
Pages: 043809
Month: March
We introduce the concept of spatial spectral phase gradient, and demonstrate, both theoretically and experimentally, how this concept could be employed for generating single- and multipath self-accelerating beams. In particular, we show that the trajectories of the accelerating beams are determined a priori by different key spatial frequencies through direct spectrum-to-distance mapping. In the nonparaxial regime, our results clearly illustrate the breakup of Airy beams from a different perspective, and demonstrate how circular, elliptic, or hyperbolic accelerating beams can be created by judiciously engineering the spectral phase. Furthermore, we found that the accelerating beams still follow the predicted trajectory also for vectorial wave fronts. Our approach not only generalizes the idea of Fourier-space beam engineering along arbitrary convex trajectories, but also offers possibilities for beam or pulse manipulation not achievable through standard direct real-space approaches or by way of time-domain phase modulation.
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