Spectrally resolved wave-mixing between near- and far-infrared pulses in gas
Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article  
  • M Clerici
  • D Faccio
  • L Caspani
  • M Peccianti
  • O Yaakobi
  • B E Schmidt
  • M Shalaby
  • F Vidal
  • F Legaré
  • T Ozaki
  • R Morandotti
Journal: New Journal Of Physics Volume: 15
Pages: 125011
Month: May
We investigate the nonlinear wave-mixing in gases between intense, short optical pulses and long-wavelength ?elds (mid infrared and terahertz). We show numerically that the beating between the sum- and difference-frequency generation components can be isolated in the spectrogram of the interaction, and can be used to sample the electric ?eld oscillations of the long-wavelength pulses. This, in turn, could be employed as a possible characterization method that provides information on the real electric ?eld amplitude. Our numerical model is supported by spectrally resolved measurements of the four-wave mixing signals obtained from the interaction of intense, single-cycle terahertz ?elds (? > 15µm) and optical pulses (? ' 800 nm, 50 fs duration) in air.
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